Beautiful Box of Luxury – Facial Edition

Everything you need to gently clean and care for your skin, in one beautiful box.

The Facial Edition Box of Luxury includes one each of the following:

  • Blue is My Favorite Face Cleansing Oil, 1oz
  • Fresh Petal Mist of Luxury, 1oz
  • Heavenly Pink Creme of Luxury, 1oz
  • Lipstick of Luxury, 0.07oz
  • 100% Cotton Cloth

This limited edition box is a $65.00 value, so don’t miss out! 

Instructions for use: Apply a few pumps of Blue is My Favorite in palm and massage onto face. You may apply to dry or to slightly damp skin. Massage well. Wet a cloth with warm water to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup residue. Rinse and repeat then splash a few times with clear water. Pat dry, follow with a few sprays of Fresh Petal. Scoop a small amount of Heavenly Pink into palm and emulsify, then press into skin. Don’t forget your neck and ears. Finish with Lipstick of Luxury. You’re ready as is, or you may continue with usual makeup routine.


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